How To Apply/ Top Tips for Nail Polish Strips

How To Apply Nail Polish Strips

Step 1 - Prep Nails

Trim, file and shape nails. Push back cuticles and then lightly buff for better adhesion. Finish prepping by wiping nails with an alcohol wipe over each nail to ensure they are clean and dry.

Step 2 - Select Size

Choose the correct size for each nail. The strip should be slightly smaller then your nail and should not touch any part of your cuticle. Remove the clear plastic protective layer off your chosen strip.

Step 3 - Apply

Carefully peel the strip off the backing and centre the strip at the base of the nail near your cuticle but not touching. Apply pressure to the nail at the base then push up through the middle to the tip and then out to the sides.

Step 4 - Remove Excess

Trim off the excess strip just away from the nail tip with nail scissors. Then file remaining excess with a fine grit/glass nail file in a downward motion only.

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How To Remove Nail Polish Strips

Simply soak a cotton pad or ball with remover and fix to nail using aluminium foil or nail clips. Wait 2-3 minutes and wipe away as you would for any nail polish product. We recommend using a non-acetone remover.

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Top Tips

Tip 1 - For extra longevity, we recommend using a nail polish top coat or gel coat over your nail polish strips.

Tip 2 - Wait at least 3 hours before submerging your nails in water or using hand creams and moisturisers to allow the strips to adhere better.

Tip 3 -  Take good care of your nails and strips! Try to use medium temperature water instead of boiling hot water when washing up and showering. Also remember your nails are like jewels and not tools! This little bit of extra effort will help your nail strips to last as long as possible.

Tip 4 - We have found the best way to store your unused strips to prevent them from drying out is in a ziplock bag and store them in the freezer or in a vacuum sealed bag.